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Two Baths to Nourish and Detox Your Body

Taking time to give ourselves a little self care and self love is so important this time of year. Because many of us are ambitious little overachievers, our days are filled with daunting tasks day in and day out and we  tend to forget to slow down and relax.  At the end of your evening, set up a relaxing home spa and treat yourself to a warm and soothing bath. A bath isn't just an act of cleansing the body. A warm tub full of water can also rid you of bad energies and boost your thoughts and emotions. Detox your body of toxins and bad energy with this purifying ginger, epsom salt, and apple cider vinegar bath or nourish yourself and your energy field with an oatmeal and essential oil or herbs bath. 


In Search of Our Gardens Memphis Wellness Blogger shares two detoxing bath recipes

As many of you know our skin is the largest organ of elimination. Naturally, sweating is the mechanism of getting rid of harmful toxins in our body. The ginger detox bath will be the best way to sweat it all out and simultaneously ease muscle pain, cleanse the colon and increase circulation. 


+ Run the water as hot as you can possible stand. 

+ Soak for at least 20 to 30 minutes. 

+ Pat dry and wrap yourself with a towel. Be sure to drink water after the bath as you may get a little dehydrated after the sweating. 


In Search of Our Garden Memphis Wellness Blogger shares detox bath recipes

Having suffered with eczema since I was 6 weeks old, I have memories of my mother running bath water with oatmeal and milk for as long as I can remember. The oatmeal fights dryness  cleanses and moisturizes, and helps maintain the skin’s natural barrier function. The natural  antioxidants in oats have anti-inflammatory properties. I sometimes alternate between 10-15 drops of rosemary and lavender essential oils in the nourishing bath. Lavender sometimes irritates my skin so I'll substitute it for rosemary. 


+ Run warm water not too hot.  

+ Either grind the oats into a fine powder or place them in cheesecloth or muslin bag.  

+ Pat dry and wrap yourself with a towel. Be sure to seal the moisture into your skin by rubbing down with olive oil or sesame oil afterwards. 

Hope this helps!!