daily habits to simplify your life

Five small habits to simplify your life

A couple of years ago, I was sitting in the middle of my walk in closet, overwhelmed at my to do list, which was laid out strategically by the hour but I know within an hour everything planned would fall through the cracks. The to do list was crammed with work for clients (entirely too much for one person), Amira’s ballet schedule and school work, meeting reminders, household chores, and “busy” work. Suddenly, I realized I no longer wanted my life to be so “busy” yet unproductive and complicated.

Like many of us women of our generation, we have bought into the “Girl I’m soooo busy philosophy. We rip and run from this meeting to this event, over busying our children, multitasking with social media management in the cars and grocery lanes— all for the “grind til we shine” lifestyle. Then we gradually collide and began to realize we are anxious, nervous, and overstimulated by living a life with just way too much to do. I had always known.

Over a period of time I sat alone in the peaceful silence of my home and came up with a list of things I could do to improve the quality of my life while decreasing the complexity. I had three specific goals in mind. First, I wanted the things in our lives-our home, our cars, our clothes, our diets, our finances-to be small enough and few enough and simple enough that we could easily take care of them ourselves. Second, I wanted to free myself from the commitments, the people, and the obligations that kept me from having time to do the things I really wanted to do. Third, I wanted our lives to be consistent with our desire to live in harmony with the environment.

For me, simplifying and minimizing was not “living off the land” or throwing away every single thing in my home. Nor was it about living cheaply. For me, living simply meant reducing the scale, maintaining the comfort, eliminating the complexity, and minimizing the time demands of life as I had known it.

Let’s take advantage of the movement to reclaim our lives, simplify and live with intent. Here are habits to implement in your daily life. And enjoy.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Wellness Blogger In Search of Our Gardens shares 10 habits to implement daily to simplify your life
  1. Create routines

    Routines are the foundation of a simple life. They give structure, eliminate stress, and definitely make me more put together. Create a morning, evening, meal planning, laundry, or whatever routine you find helpful.

  2. Turn off the Background Noise
    We have access to constant noise in our culture and I think it’s easy to become immune to it, but building intentional quiet into our lives is so important. Turn the TV off. Turn the music off. Turn the phone off and listen to the sounds of your mind. Extra noise can often mean extra stress that we don’t even know we’re adding, so turn down the noise. Keep a quiet house (and car!) and see how it affects your family and stress level.

  3. Know Your Style And Create Uniforms

    Having a strong understanding of your personal style simplifies life in a lot of ways. It makes shopping easier and faster. You’ll buy things you’re more likely to wear and love. You can also double down on perfecting your personal style by creating several types of uniforms you love and fit your lifestyle and aesthetic.

  4. Cook Simple Meals

    We have access to basically any food we want, which is great, but sometimes it seems like a burden because we have to decide which meals to make each night. Sometimes those “perfect meals” just turn into entirely too much. If you want to live simpler and lower your stress levels, then come up with a meal plan with easy, basic meals. Every night doesn’t have to be special or fancy. Make a list of easy, no fuss meals that the family enjoys and rotate them throughout the month.

  5. Declutter Your Home

     If you’re always bringing stuff into your home and never getting rid of anything, then sis we need to declutter. Sitting around in a home that is full of clutter and stuff can stifle our creativity, stress us out and also make us depressed. Think about how much time you spend cleaning, moving, picking up and rearranging your stuff. Then doing it all over again. Pretty crazy, right? The less we have, the more freedom we have and the less burdened we will feel. Set aside a time each week to go through one area of your home and make a donation pile of the things that you don’t use, like or need. I bet you’ll be surprised at just how much has accumulated.

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images via Pinterest

What other tips do you have to simplify your life?