Our Hair Journey : In Search of Beautiful Long Healthy Hair

That’s me on the far left. A very young and timid Andrea Fenise with a beautiful head of healthy and thick hair. Strangely, I didn’t appreciate having beautiful and long thick hair as a child. It was always work and stress (yes, stress at 7 or 8). Wash days were long and full of spankings with a comb because I couldn’t sit still. The pressing comb made my every part of my body hot even my underarms felt the pressure. I would sweat immediately as my mom placed the comb on the eye of the stove. At 14, I couldn’t take the pressing and blow drying any longer. I begged my mother for a relaxer. Literally, on my knees begging. Many of the other girls in school were wearing finger waves and french roll styles. I, I was still wearing a big frizzy blow out ponytail. How could a boy every like me looking like a baby?

Andrea Fenise Memphis Lifestyle Blogger shares journey to healthy hair

I got the relaxer. Along with the relaxer, came eczema in my scalp, thinning of my hair and a completely new texture. Why? Why did I do that? I damaged a head full of beautiful hair. Now 20 years later, I am in search of the hair I once had and didn’t appreciate it. I am now embracing the journey of loving my natural hair and hopefully sharing that love with my daughter Amira. I pray on my knees, just like I begged for that damaging relaxer, that she will always love her hair and treat it with respect and love.

Andrea Fenise In Search of Our Gardens Memphis Wellness Blogger shares healthy hair journey

Here we are moving forward, documenting our search for luxurious healthy hair with simple and sustainable hair regimens. I take the vision of this blog seriously. It is perfectly aligned with my mission to live a simplified life with beauty. Hair maintenance shouldn’t be stressful and overly consuming both with time and products. However, I feel passionately about expressing myself in a natural and minimalist philosophy and way of life. Searching for beauty and abundance in a simplified and sustainable approach to fashion and beauty.

Andrea Fenise Memphis Wellness Blogger and Natural Hair Blogger shares healthy hair journey

Our hair journey here will include monthly goals we set for our hair maintenance, regimens, hair recipes and tips to use and inspiration. It’s my dream to share this space with you all to show the beauty and even spiritual aspects of natural hair. I’m working on a YouTube channel so you can see Amira and I in real life, get a close up of me making hair products and more.