Inspired by the book In Search of Our Mothers Gardens by Alice Walker, this digital space was created as an outlet for me to share how I am embracing a simple and harmonious lifestyle


I created this blog during a very self reflective growth journey to discover the woman I’ve always dreamed of becoming. I knew there was a need to redefine modern living yet embrace the woman and the ways before me. Those ways birthed a well lived life that is creative, beautiful and graceful.

The women I speak of like my mother, grandmother and great grandmothers inspired me to be creative, resourceful and use things like flowers and herbs to enhance my health and beauty. As a grown woman, I have crafted their ways into a lifestyle that I now share with my own daughter.

This blog gives me the opportunity I have waited for quite some time on to share my journey of living simply, one day owning an apothecary, and a future homesteading life with my family. In Search of Our Gardens is a lifestyle blog that shares content around fashion and beauty, living, wellness, travel and family that hopes to inspire other women to live with intent, just as I am.